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Universitary residence

C/Mayor, 6

28670 Villaviciosa de Odón

Call us whenever you want! Or write us by email. Our e-mail and our telephone +34 91 039 95 81 or +34 678 508 730


It is a simple 5-step process * in Down Room:

  1. Make the request online on our website:              
  2. Once your request is received, we will contact you. If you want to speed up the process, you can call us at +34 91 039 9581 or +34 678 508 730.
  3. After completing the application process, to confirm your place in our Everglow House Residence, you will have to deposit € 300 as CONFIRMATION OF PLACE, which is part of the € 1000 DEPOSIT required of the resident. These € 300 will be fully refundable if the place is canceled three months before the start of the residential period, after this period they will only be refunded, in the event that the student is not accepted at any university or school in the province of Madrid.
  4. If you make your reservation from June 1, for the annual period, you must make the payment of the entire deposit at once. (€ 300 + € 700 = € 1000). 
  5. Sign the contract at the entrance of the course, and provide the required documentation.

* You can see all the steps regarding payments in the section "What are the payment terms?"

Copy of the last grades you have (selectivity, high school) or the offer of a place at the University.

    • Copy of the DNI
    • ID photo
    • Signed contract
    • Bank Domiciliation Document


Everglow House admits students from any university or educational institution. There are also some places for opponents. The request can be made from January for the following course.

For summer courses, you can make a reservation from the previous March

The Residence has a minimum stay of the complete academic year (ten months), normally from September of the current year until the end of June of the following year.

The residence for the summer courses has a two-month stay from July 1 to August 31.

Yes, although the application is not automatic and depends on the summer groups that the residence has. Please request summer stays as soon as possible.

Yes, the full course payment can be divided by paying by direct debit. If you prefer to make a single payment annually, you will have a 5% discount.

In our contract, there are four concepts in terms of payment:

  1. THE PLAZA RESERVATION: Before starting the stay, you have to pay two amounts: Deposit and Guarantee Deposit. Under normal circumstances, both will be returned to you at the end of your stay.
  2. CONFIRMATION OF THE PLACE: THE DEPOSIT. They are € 1,000 (Down Room) and € 1,100 (UP Room) we will keep until the end of the course. If when you return home, your room is in perfect condition and as we deliver it to you, and you have not caused damage to the residence, this money will be returned to you in full.

In the event that there is any damage, the portion proportional to the damage caused will be deducted from this deposit, and will also be discounted in the event of non-payment of any monthly payment.

  1. MONTHLY: it is made by direct debit between the 1st and 5th of each month. Cash payments are also accepted.

Payments are made in three steps (Example Rooms Down):

  1. € 300 (first part of the deposit or confirmation of the place) to guarantee your place - within 5 business days after receiving the place offer.
  2. €700 to complete the Deposit of € 1000 - to be paid in the annual study period, between June 1 and 30. [These two amounts are put together to form the DEPOSIT, and will be returned in June, in the annual stay, in full if the room is in perfect condition, as we deliver it.] * In the summer stay they will be paid between 1 and on March 31, and will be returned on August 31 under the same conditions as for the annual stay.
  3. MONTHLY, later the payments will be domiciled in the first 5 (five) days of the month. Cash payments are also accepted.


* If you make your reservation from June 1, for the annual stay, payment will be made only once (€ 1000). If you do it from May 1 for the summer stay, you must also make the payment in one go.

Yes. Provided that at the end of the accommodation period you have not produced damage to the furniture, facilities and elements of the residence, and that you have fulfilled the minimum stay required by the contract.

It will also be discounted in the event of non-payment of a monthly payment.

The full board, all expenses and the use of common areas. Cleaning, bedding and towels. Fiber optic internet, laundry of your personal clothes, maintenance and management team.

"Cancellation policy" is expressly included in the contract.

If you have already paid for your PLAZA CONFIRMATION and you decide to cancel your accommodation with us BEFORE May 31, 2020, we will return any amount paid without justification.

 If you decide to cancel your stay AFTER May 31, 2020, you will not be entitled to a refund of the CONFIRMATION OF PLAZA. Likewise, if the duration of the contract is breached, you will not be entitled to the refund of the DEPOSIT, unless you notify us at least one month in advance in writing, and you have stayed the minimum period of stay established in the contract. 

  1. Cancellation for not obtaining a place at the University: If you did not obtain a place at the University or Study Center, and you justify the payment of tuition from another University of another Autonomous Community, we will reimburse you the amount paid up to the moment of the RESERVATION OF PLACE (DEPOSIT) entirely.
  2. Cancellation for Justified Cause: If you cancel your stay in advance for serious, unforeseeable personal reasons and beyond your control, you will be paid back up to the date of the RESERVATION OF PLAZA (DEPOSIT) in full.

* For cancellations in annual payment modality see the document "Cancellation Policy".


Tell us your preference and we will try, but we cannot guarantee it.


In principle you arrive on the start day of your contract. If you want to arrive earlier, please consult us.

To live

Yes, we also change and wash them weekly.

As long as you leave it exactly the same way you found it. If not, there may be charges for damages caused.

No. We are animal advocates, but living together requires respect for others and therefore you cannot bring animals or pets to the residence.

Not inside. It is illegal. Smoking inside is strictly prohibited and may result in internal penalties and additional costs for cleaning and painting.

Yes. The Residence has a dedicated high speed fiber optic connection. In the room you have a cable connection and there is WiFi throughout the building.

Not in your room. You can request permission to use the common areas.

Night visits are strictly prohibited. Sorry, but your friends will not be able to stay to sleep.

You can notify maintenance through reception.

There is always someone to talk to. In your University there will be a student attention service where there is also the University Ombudsman. Our team is also at your disposal if you need us.


Dejar tu habitación tal y como lo encontraste: totalmente vacía y sin daños. Avísanos un par de días antes de tu salida para que hagamos la revisión de tu habitación para comprobar su estado y deja las llaves en la recepción.

Only if you renew for the next course. You have to pack everything and leave it at the reception with your name on all the packages. The Residence does not accept any responsibility for the boxes and belongings you leave, so we encourage you to take them with you.

Acepte nuestra política de privacidad primero para comenzar una conversación.